Here’s What to Look For in a Hand Vacuum Review

Dyson Hand Vacuum

Everyday you wish your apartment looks and feels as beautiful as it did the day you moved in. You miss the whiff of freshly cut grass mixed with mahogany that filled your mind when you entered the front porch for the first time. The carpet seemed untouched and the walls were spotless. The kitchen floor was spick and span.

And even though you try so hard to keep your house clean there are always little specs of dirt left under the rug or between the couch cushions and in between the refrigerator and the kitchen counter. And if you have pets, there’s no end to the amount of time and effort you put in trying to clean their hair of the rugs. For tough cleaning jobs like these, you need a small handheld vacuum cleaner, which not only effectively squeezes in to hard to reach places, but also has the suction power to pull the tiniest dust particles. Here are somethings you need to be aware of before buying a top rated handheld machine:

Key Features

  • Power: Measured in Air Watts, it’s the most essential thing to check for while buying a portable cleaner. The vacuum’s capacity to draw dirt in to the machine will depend on its power.
  • Battery life: If you are buying a cordless vacuum (most handheld machines are cordless), you may want to check for three important things, namely, the amount of time the battery runs after charging, the number of minutes/hours it takes for the battery to charge and the kind of outlet that is required to charge the battery (
  • Control buttons: Unlike full size vacuums, small handheld cleaners have only one on and off switch. If you require varying degrees of power suction, then this is one feature you’ve got to look out for.
  • Weight: The size of this device matters tremendously, since you do not want to put excessive pressure on your wrist.
  • Dust collection: Is it bag less? Does the dust get collected in a cup? How difficult is it to clean the vacuum cleaner itself?
  • Price: The cost of buying a small cleaning unit differs depending on the variations in the power capacity, the brand, the kind of attachments and the ease of cleaning.

While these are some of the most basic things to look for in a top hand vacuum, here’s a small list of things you’ve got to think about before picking out the perfect one.

Important Functions

  • Spills: If you have children or large pets in your house, spills are not uncommon. And depending on your requirement, it’s essential to find out if the handvac you are looking for manages spills well.
  • Particle size: Another feature to watch out for is it’s ability to pull big size particles such as glitter, pieces of paper, cake crumbs and chips.
  • Pet hair: And if you have big snuggly balls of fur in your house, you know the plight of finding pet hair in every nook and corner of your house. Especially the ones that stick to your pillows and throws. A small, yet efficient handheld vacuum for dog hair can help you get rid of most pet messes with very little effort.

Hope this comprehensive hand vacuum review makes your decision of buying the right cleaning tool easier and helps you to keep your house 100% dirt free.


March 30th, 2014 Vacuum Cleaner

What You Should Know About a Top Rated Hand Vacuum

Hand vacuum cleaners are life-savers when it comes to maintaining order in the home. There are many benefits of owning one, as opposed to a full size vacuum. However, before making a purchase, it is important to understand why you need a handheld vacuum and what to look for in a top rated one.

Benefits of a Handheld Portable Vacuum

  • It is convenient to use because, if it is cordless, it is not restricting and does not require electricity to function. Cleaning can be done anywhere, at any time. For this reason, use of a hand vacuum is not limited to the indoors. Ever wondered how to get dirt off your car seat without having to go to a car wash?
  • In the case where you want to clean up a spill, having such a vacuum nearby would be ideal. There would be no need to get a mop, clean up the spill then rinse it off, or using a full-size vacuum cleaner that would require you to set up and set down. The hand held vacuum is ideal when you are not doing any major cleaning.
  • For those who have indoor pets, you are aware of the fact that they shed hair all over the house. Cleaning this hair from furniture can be tedious. With help from, you should be able to find a great pet hair vacuum that can eliminate all traces of hair that your pet shed on your couch or carpet.


Factors to Consider

  • Cost: The price should be within your budget. Depending on the brand, it can vary a lot in price. Also, carry out some research on the cost of maintenance; if it is too high for your budget, then choose another product.
  • Weight: An ideal cleaning tool should not be uncomfortable to use. Different people have varying measures of strength; therefore, choose one that’s best suited for you.
  • Battery Life: The amount of time that the battery takes before it requires charging varies. When choosing your ideal one, always choose one with a long battery life.

Choosing the Right Style For You

  • Whether you choose to buy a corded or cordless unit is dependent on your purpose for it. If your intention is to use it to clean every possible item that you can think of, including car seats, then the cordless one is what you need. The corded ones are more powerful and are ideal for cleaning around the house.
  • Handheld vacuums vary in sizes, some larger than others. Considering their portability, the smaller ones are ideal for cleaning up small spills. Larger models, on the other hand, have extra features like hose attachments, which make it easier to clean places that are hard to reach.

Evidently, just like any other home appliance, purchasing the ideal handheld vacuum requires a lot of thought and research. This will go a long way in helping you get what will be useful.

Source: Cleaniatric – Top Rated Handheld Vacuum

March 17th, 2014 Vacuum Cleaner

Best Small Vacuum For The Home

Whether it’s handheld, canister, backpack or upright the smaller the vacuum cleaner the better, and it wasn’t long before I hopped on the wagon. First I compiled a list of all the desired specification and then I set out to look for a nice and lightweight vacuum for my home. This is a breakdown of the top three machines that met my criteria.

The Eureka Easy Clean 71B

This small handheld device (15X7X7 inches) has the power of a 5.5 amp suction strength behind it and its other specifications include:

  • A clear dustbin so you know when you need to empty it which requires no bag and is also very easy to clean.
  • It comes with a stretch hose attachment and a built-in revolving brush tool which has its own separate motor.
  • There is another motor which powers the devices suction capabilities.
  • Its riser visor is great for vacuuming carpeted stairs and upholstered furniture.
  • The 71B also includes a crevice tool for fishing out dirt from the nooks and crannies around your house.

Overall it weighs a meager 4.8 pounds and it has a long 20ft cord (thrice the length of its body) so moving around a room with it is convenient.

Dirt Devil (SD20000)

This machine stays true to its name as it isn’t one vacuum at all, instead it is a combination of 3- a utility cleaner, an upright stick vacuum and a handheld device (which detaches from the main body). The Dirt Devil is truly a stick vacuum cleaner especially since once the handheld is detached it is as thin as a rake (product dimensions are 7X11X45 inches).

The stick itself is easy to move around on smooth rolling wheels and it is very lightweight so carrying it upstairs and around the house is easy as pie. Not only is it a corded device but it is also bag-less, it has an easy to remove and empty dirt cup instead.

Surprisingly although it appears to be much bigger than the Eureka mentioned earlier it weighs only an almost non-existent 1.9 pounds. It too has a tool for those hard to reach areas and it would make for a cheaper alternative to the first device.

Eureka 3670G Canister Vacuum

While this machine is slightly bigger than the two I mentioned previously it is still lightweight and small. This 12 amp cleaner has been designed with a power touch handle as well as fingertip controls that are simple to understand and it includes the following attachments

  • A floor brush and floor nozzle for non-carpeted areas.
  • It also includes an upholstery nozzle, a crevice tool like the others and a dusting brush.
  • Its cord is 20ft long and it also has a blower port for drying surfaces.

Unlike the other two devices it comes with automatic shut-off capability so you never have to worry about it overheating.

Summary and Recommendations

At 18.2X13.6X13.6 inches and weighing in at 10 pounds the Eureka 3670G is certainly the largest among these three devices although very small in comparison to traditional machines. Overall however, all three devices are lightweight making it easy to manoeuvre them around the house, carry up stairs and store away.

In terms of price none of them are more than $60 which makes any one of them a steal but in terms of capabilities the Eureka 3670G is the most advanced. Ultimately, when it comes to finding top rated vacuums, it all depends on your preferences with regard to budget and type, whether canister, upright or handheld; the Dirt Devil being the cheapest, lightest and a combination device as well.

January 31st, 2014 Vacuum Cleaner

Tips for Vacuuming Hardwood Floors

Vacuuming Hardwood Floor

When building a house, we take of several elements. These may be related to décor, design, convenience and many other things. Hardwood floor is gaining a lot of popularity these days. Such floors look quite trendy and fashionable. They offer a lot of elegance and beauty to the entire space. When home owners come back to their homes, they get a welcoming feel. Though, these floors look quite nice in a room, they need something extra to keep them well maintained and managed. It can only be preserved when it is cleaned and maintained in a perfect manner. Few tips that needs to be followed in order to ensure perfect maintenance of these floors so as to uphold its beauty are:

Removal of grime in a regular manner

When we come from the garden area of anywhere outside, we carry a lot of grime and grunge from our shoes which makes it dirty. If you want your cleaning troubles to stay at a minimum, it is necessary to keep a limit on this grime and dirt. You can also use carpets or throw rugs so as to keep dirt away. In areas with high traffic, runners can be used. Cleaning hardwood floors regularly using a fine and soft bristle broom so that small dust particles and granules can be removed will help in cleaning.

Carrying out routine vacuuming

In order to prevent dirt and dust settling within the grooves of the floors, it is necessary to use regular vacuuming. Though, these floors are layered using proactive and polyurethane finishes but the dust granules can also be averted by using regular vacuuming. Later, this becomes a little difficult to vacuum. Also, it can result in scratches. Frequent vacuuming ensures that dust and grime does not settle on your hardwood floor and become tougher to clean later on:

Home-made solutions also offer great help

Many times, we see spills and stains that cannot be removed through water. They need specialized services in order to clean them, like chemical solutions that are hard on the stains but soft on the floor surface. In such cases, it is better to use home-made solutions that can be effective enough for keeping floors clean. These products are also perfect and healthy for residents of the house. A mixture of water with vinegar would do wonders with your hardwood floor.

Avoid any spills on the floor

Spills and stains on the floor are a common occurrence, especially a household with young kids. One can at least try to avoid them by being a little extra careful. In case there has been a spill, it should be immediately cleaned using a soft, muslin cloth.

Ensure dry floor

Regular vacuuming is necessary for hardwood, but at the same time, it is necessary to keep the floor dry. If something has fallen on the floor, it must be immediately cleaned using a damp cloth. This will ensure that the stain doesn’t leave any marks on the floor.

November 27th, 2013 Hardwood Floor

Choosing The Best Lightweight Vacuum For Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is beautiful and easy to clean. It also needs care when you are cleaning it. You must therefore choose a vacuum that quickly gathers up the dirt and dust that has accumulated without causing harm to it in order to avoid damaging your investment. This is why we have come up with a guide on finding the right lightweight vacuum to use for your floor type.

Best Lightweight Vacuum For Hardwood

You will always be right with hardwood flooring when you want your home to have a rustic, warm, elegant, modern, or classy look. However, the personality that your entire room has starts to fade when the floor is littered with dust, crumbs, hair, bunnies, and any other unidentified scraps. This is when you need to restore the beautiful luster of your wooden floor by arming yourself with the most appropriate cleaning arsenal.

Delicacy is necessary when you want to clean hardwood flooring. You should avoid cleaning it if you lack the necessary magic touch and you prefer to use chemicals, brushes, and abrasives.

If you use the right cleaning tools, your life will be easier and your house will be tidier, while your flooring maintains its youth. It can be very challenging to find a good lightweight vacuum for hardwood, which is why has come out with an awesome guide about it.

You should always consider the weight along with other relevant factors.

Before you proceed any further, you should consider the following additional features:

  • Attachments
  • Versatility
  • Accessories
  • Suction power

What You Should Consider

  • The vacuum that you choose should be portable and lightweight so that you can easily maneuver it.
  • A long attachment hose for making it easier for you to reach the enclosed and tight spaces that are underneath your furniture or couch.
  • It is easy to empty and clean bagged vacuums. However, when they start to fill, suction is reduced significantly; they are ideal for you if you are allergic to dust or asthmatic.
  • It is easy to empty bagless vacuums and their suction power is better. However, these vacuums are prone to becoming a little messy.
  • Suction power should have the ability to absorb each dust particle with a lot of ease ranging from hair to any other debris that is scattered on your floor regardless of its size. Hence, it is extremely important.

What You Should Avoid

  • You should ensure that the vacuum cleaner does not have beater brushes.
  • The rough wheels of carpet vacuums can dent and scratch. Hence, these vacuums can cause serious damage to your wooden flooring.
  • You should avoid vacuums that have cleaning brushes or choose the ones that have a brush switch for switching them on or off.
  • Rotating brushes usually scratch the surface and scatter the dirt. Hence, you should avoid them.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

These are the most popular among all the vacuum cleaners. However, they scratch and cause dirt because they are usually too rough on sensitive surfaces. They are:

  • Less costly as compared to canister vacuums
  • Heavier as compared to canister vacuums

The suction power of these vacuum cleaners is better and hence, if an upright vacuum is your choice, you should ensure that it does not have beater brushes but it has a long hose.

November 7th, 2013 Vacuum Cleaner